Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Bridal Shower Cake

This is a fall bridal shower cake. 
I made fondant leaves and then lightly
sprayed them with edible gold spray.
There is a burlap ribbon around the bottom
of the cake and it is "rough" frosted.
This is my first pumpkin cake and it 
has cream cheese buttercream frosting.
I love the way this one turned out.


The Sixtieth Year of a Dear Friend

My dear friend, Janet, turns 60 today. 
Her daughter called and ordered a cake to 
celebrate this momentous occasion.
This cake is decorated with words that describe
this dear woman.
Happy Birthday, Janet. You are loved.

#60thbirthday #cakewithwords

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall 50th Anniversary

This is a 50th Anniversary cake for Paul and Elizabeth.
The leaves are fondant with gold spray and edible dust to 
bring out the browns and greens of fall leaves. The bottom tier
 is Chocolate Rum with Chocolate Rum filling and the top
tier is White Almond Sour Cream with Almond Buttercream filling.
Happy 50th Anniversary!

#fondantfallleaves #50thanniversarycake

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes

For this wedding I made 200 cupcakes. All of the cakes were 
Oreo cookie. Each one had either an orange or crimson
flower made of royal icing.


Daisy Wedding Cake

Each layer of this cake was a different flavor.
The top was Lemon cake with Lemon cream cheese filling.
The middle was Chocolate Rum with Chocolate Rum filling.
The bottom was White Almond Sour Cream with Strawberry filling.

There was black ribbon on the bottom of each layer
 and fondant daisies with turquoise centers.

#fondantdaisyweddingcake #everytierisadifferentflavor

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bridal Shower Cake

This cake was for a bridal shower for the soon-to-be
daughter-in-law of a friend of mine. The cake
was funfetti with edible double hearts made of 
royal icing. I am making the cupcake wedding cake
in just a few weeks time. 


Beach Cake

This cake was for my neighbor's granddaughter, Katy. 
I think I have made all of Katy's birthday cakes since
 she was born. Her mom called me the next day and said 
that the cake was the highlight of Katy's day because
it rained all day and she couldn't have a water
fight. So, the cake was the highlight. What a nice thing to say!

#beachcake #teddygrahamsoncake

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Many things to celebrate!

A friend called to ask if I would be willing to make a couple
cakes to celebrate quite a few exciting things that have
happened in their lives recently...a daughter graduated from college,
a husband turned 60 and a 30th wedding anniversary.
She gave me a picture of their original wedding cake and asked
if I could replicate it. The above shows my replication. The top
tier was white cake with peanut butter buttercream filling, the
bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate filling.

The Celebrate 2014 cake below was a cookies-n-cream
cake with vanilla buttercream filling. 

#30thweddinganniversarycake #celebrationcake

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This cake was for one of my husband's co-workers who has
become a dear friend. Kim is one of those people who 
is endearing, warm, and generous. Happy Birthday, Kim!

This cake was Lemon with Raspberry buttercream filling.
The daisies are edible.

#daisycake #fondantdaisies

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Stickel

I always enjoy baking and decorating a wedding cake. 
It is particularly special though, when the you know the family
of either the bride or the groom. The bride, in this case, is the 
older sister of my kids' very good friends. It was a beautiful wedding
and such a pleasure to make the cake for this precious couple.

The top and bottom tier were Chocolate Rum with Chocolate rum filling
and the middle tier and sheet cake were White Almond Sour Cream. 
One had blackberry buttercream filling and the other had raspberry buttercream.

#rusticweddingcake #realflowers 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Two More Birthday Cakes

 Above is a Minecraft Creeper cake. This cake was for
my neighbor's grandson, Ethan. I have done all of Ethan's
birthday cakes since his second birthday. Ethan is
nine today. Happy Birthday, Ethan!


This cake is for the brother of a dear friend of mine. 
I think it turned out pretty cute.


Monday, June 30, 2014

A Cake That Traveled to Colorado

The daughter of a dear friend was married in Colorado yesterday.
She asked if I would make her cake and her mom would deliver to Colorado.
The cake traveled there in three pieces and my friend, who has never
stacked a cake before (and who admittedly doesn't have a creative
bone in her body) stacked this wedding cake! I am so proud of her! 

The middle layer of the wedding cake and the sheet cake were
 Orange Dreamsicle with Orange Buttercream filling. The top and bottom
tier of the cake were White Almond Sour Cream with Blackberry Buttercream filling.

Congratualtions, Amy and Eric! 
May God bless you two on this new adventure!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The worst cake I have ever made.

I am posting this cake picture to prove that I will do almost 
anything that a customer asks. I am very into good grammar, so
this cake was very hard for me to do. BUT, my friend asked me
to make it for her son's graduation, so I did!


A Compromise Cake

This cake was made for a nephew who is headed to College of Idaho
and a daughter who is headed to University of Idaho. I did a Half and Half cake
I think it turned out pretty good.

#cofiyotescake #univeristyofidahocake #compromisecake

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Graduation Cakes Galore

This cake was done for a new customer. Her youngest daughter
was graduating high school. Congratulations, Kat!
 #owlcake #owlgraduationcake #oreocreamfilling
 The above cake is a spice cake with cream cheese
buttercream filling made for my friend's
oldest daughter, Emilie. Emilie was a fellow classmate of
my son, Garrett, whose cake is pictured below. 
Garrett's cake was chocolate with oreo cookie filling.
The sides of the cake feature speakers, because Garrett
loves music and the Army star because he leaves 
for basic training in three weeks. Congrats, Emilie and Garrett!
#graduationcakewitharmystar #spicecakewithcreamcheesefilling

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let's Show Her Some Support

                                                           This cake is for Melissa. She just turned 40 and needs some extra
support! Let's hear it for Melissa!

#40thbirthdaycake #bracake

Nick's 6th Birthday

This is Crusher from Skylanders. Nick is the
son of a good friend of mine. Happy Birthday, Nick

#crushercake #skylanderscake

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Football Cake

This is my first carved cake cake. I have made a carved
"cake" that was actually rice krispie treats, but this one
was all cake. I made this cake for a one-year old boy
whose baby shower cake I made a little over a year
ago. My husband and I were just talking about how 
fun it would be if I made all of Jason's cake through 
his wedding cake! The bottom cake was White
Almond Sour Cream and the top was Chocolate 
Almond Sour Cream. Happy First Birthday, Jason.

#cakesthroughtheyears #footballcake

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All-American and 65!

This cake was for a woman I just met recently
who is full of life and love. She is so incredibly 
friendly. She called me to make her birthday cake
and told me, "I'll be 65 and I'm and All-American Gal". 
This is how it turned out. It was a carrot cake
with cream cheese buttercream filling and frosting.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Otero Wedding cake

This wedding cake was for our pastor's daughter. Hope was in 
youth group when my husband and I were youth group 
leaders and she also babysat for us. 
This cake was white almond sour cream with raspberry buttercream filling,
chocolate rum with chocolate rum buttercream filling, and
red velvet with almond buttercream filling. It was 
quite delicious if I do say so myself!  

#squareweddingcake #bluecoralweddingcake #quiltedweddingcakepearls

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cell Phone cake

This is Ryann's cell phone cake. It was  a bundle of fun to make. 

It is strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream filling.


Andrew's FUN-raiser

I made these two cakes for a very special fundraiser. The son of 
our friends was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was very young. 
He only lived for about 3 1/2 years. Andrew touched many lives in 
his short amount of time here on earth. Our town came together to support the family
when they were going through treatment and through the loss of their young son.
Last Saturday, the town rallied again. The family held a FUN-raiser in Andrew's
honor for St. Baldrick's. Of the funds raised for St. Baldrick's, 82% goes 
solely to research childhood cancer. If you know anything about these
organizations, a lot of the money raised usually goes to administration
and overhead and very little goes toward the actual research, so this is a big deal.
Anyway, the Nelson's raised $50,000 through this FUN-raiser. It was a very
emotional time. I am so proud of our little town.
#conquerchildhoodcancercake #stbaldricks #andrewsfunraiser

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beach and Guitar cakes

 So, my dear customer needed two cakes this weekend. One for her sweet daddy
and the other for her spunky niece. Both cakes were spice with almond
buttercream! Happy Birthday, Pop and Lauren.
#colorfulguitarcake #guitarcake #beachcake

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's an Owl First Birthday

This cake is a first birthday cake
for a very special little girl, Harper. 
Harper's family is special to me
and I had a blast making the little owls for
her cake. Happy Birthday, Harper.

#owlcake #firstbirthdaycake

1950s Theme

This is my daughter's 17th birthday cake.
She chose a 50s theme which was a 
pleasant surprise to me. 
The top tier of this cake is White Almond
Sour Cream with raspberry filling and the 
bottom tier is chocolate rum with chocolate rum
filling. It was a lot of fun to make!