Saturday, February 28, 2015

T-Shirt and Chanel Cake

 This week, I made a very suave Chanel cake for a customer's
daughter's 18th birthday.  This cake was a white cake with 
strawberry buttercream filling.

 This T-Shirt cake, I made for a customer who always
puts a lot of thought into her cake choices. This cake is for
her dad who turned 70. He loves getting a good bargain.
This is his favorite brand of t-shirt, Life Is Good, and he got
a killer deal on it as you can see from the picture below!
#chanelcake #tshirtcake #lifeisgoodat70cake

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cityscape cake for "Finnzilla"

I was asked to make a cityscape cake for a very special
first birthday for Finn. Finn is a very busy one year old and he has
earned the nickname "Finnzilla". With this in mind, his mom
thought it would be fun to have a photo session with him
dressed as Finnzilla tearing apart a city cake. She trusted me
to make the cake for this very special occasion.

Finn's mom showed me a picture of the cake she had in mind.
As is always the case with pictures, the actual cake never looks
exactly the same because of different technique, the level of 
the artist's ability and difference in mediums. I am very thankful
that Finn's mom was gracious and appreciated my vision for Finn's cake

#cityscapecake #Finnzilla