Sunday, May 25, 2014

Graduation Cakes Galore

This cake was done for a new customer. Her youngest daughter
was graduating high school. Congratulations, Kat!
 #owlcake #owlgraduationcake #oreocreamfilling
 The above cake is a spice cake with cream cheese
buttercream filling made for my friend's
oldest daughter, Emilie. Emilie was a fellow classmate of
my son, Garrett, whose cake is pictured below. 
Garrett's cake was chocolate with oreo cookie filling.
The sides of the cake feature speakers, because Garrett
loves music and the Army star because he leaves 
for basic training in three weeks. Congrats, Emilie and Garrett!
#graduationcakewitharmystar #spicecakewithcreamcheesefilling

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let's Show Her Some Support

                                                           This cake is for Melissa. She just turned 40 and needs some extra
support! Let's hear it for Melissa!

#40thbirthdaycake #bracake

Nick's 6th Birthday

This is Crusher from Skylanders. Nick is the
son of a good friend of mine. Happy Birthday, Nick

#crushercake #skylanderscake