Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Royal Wedding...Well, Almost

This cake is my first LARGE wedding cake. It is very special to me as it was lovingly made for a wonderful young woman and her new husband. Kristie Neeser, now Watkins, was in youth group when my husband and I lead the youth group. She also babysat our children. She is now an accomplished young woman who married quite a hilarious young man. It was a beautiful wedding; an inspiration. I felt that the parents on both sides were blessed to have their children marrying such wonderful people.

The consultation for the cake happened entirely via email as the bride and groom reside in London, England. It was quite fun!

The second and bottom tier were White Almond Sour Cream with Strawberry buttercream filling. The top and third tier down were Chocolate Rum with Chocolate rum and fresh pineapple filling. That was the most delicious cake I have ever made! AMAZING!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busy December

This cake was supposed to be a surprise from a husband to a wife. The surprise was rearranged by other Christmastime goings-on. The wife, however, was still pleased. I thought the whole gesture was sweet. (No pun intended.)

This cake was for a wedding. I made two and forgot to take a picture of the other one. The other cake had a six inch round on top and was covered with filigree and silver dragees. It was so fun to decorate.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December wedding cake #1

    This is my first of three   December wedding cakes.
This cake was a spice cake with
cinnamon-sugar buttercream
filling and cream cheese butter-
cream frosting.
   When the groom took a bite, he exclaimed, "This cake tastes
SO good!" That was music to this cake decorator's ears!
   Congratulations, Brandon and Lexi!
I love this picture. This is why I love making cakes is because it makes people happy.

This is a "Welcome Home Baby" cake for my good friend, Maria, who loves any excuse to buy one of my cakes...even if it means having another baby!

This cake was for Maria's son, Zane. He made the lego bridge and put the snakes, Tonto, and the Lone Ranger on the cake. The teepee is a sugar cone. I thought this cake was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This cake was for one of my favorite and most loyal customers. She has the sweetest little girl who loves Daniel Tiger. It was a fun cake because I hadn't realized that Daniel Tiger had his own show now. I remembered him from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Happy 5th Birthday, MaKenna!

This cake was a bundle of fun to make. All of the game pieces were made of modeling chocolate and were edible. This cake was made for a faithful customer. Thank you to all my customers. You make my job so much fun!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fair Cake update...

Well, my cake placed 2nd. I guess that is pretty good for the first time ever entering a cake in the fair. I will go to the fair on Friday to critique the other cakes and see what I might need to do next year in order to vi for first!

Today, I experimented with a lemonade cake. The recipe was from scratch. I have a difficult time with from scratch cakes being very dense. This cake was no exception. It had good flavor though. I think I will try substituting lemonade for water with a cake mix and see how that turns out. Then, I made the lemonade buttercream that was supposed to go with this cake. It was horrible. The recipe called for marshmallow fluff. It turned out very strange. It wasn't easy to spread and you definitely wouldn't be able to decorate with it. I will never do that again. I guess this whole thing is by trial and error. Today was about 60%-40%.

Well, until the next Cake Chaos experience, happy baking to you!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Fair Cake

Here is my fair cake. I really like it. Tomorrow night, I am going to see the judges from the Food Network judge the cakes. Afterward, I can ask them what their suggestions would be for my cake. I truly am not expecting much. It was a very fun experience to decorate this, not having created anything of this magnitude.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Fair Cake

So...A friend of mine, a cake-decorator extrordanaire, encouraged me to submit a cake into the "Sugar Art" contest at our local state fair. I was very hesitant. So much so that I did nothing to prepare from February to August. (The fair is late August.) Once again, she pestered and I said, "Fine." The theme for the contest is "Fashionista" and it is anything that that word brings to mind. I did some research and after a while decided that I didn't want to do the treny fashion cake, the Gucci shoes or the Coach bag. I decided that I would do a retro-50s cake. After even more contemplation, I decided on a ...not going to say just yet. I worked hard. I had fun and I submit the cake on Thursday, August 30th. At that time, I will post in-progress pictures and end-result pictures. I can't wait for you to see it. I don't know how I'll place because I know nothing about my competitors. I do know that the whole thing was a great experience. Fun, fun, fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miscellaneous cakes

 These two cakes are bridal shower cakes. The cake above was a double bridal shower.

 I made this cake for the cast party after a 29 show run of The Wizard of Oz at Mystique Theater.
                                This was a retirement cake for my friend's mother-in-law.
                             Eagle Scout Cake                                      R.N. graduation cake

Wedding Cakes

                             I haven't made as many wedding cakes as I have birthday cakes.
                                  I just haven't had as many opportunities to make them.
                        At this wedding, they served cupcakes instead of cake, so they only wanted me to make a small cake for them to cut. The roses are made from edible sugarpaste. The bride and groom I sculpted out of modeling chocolate. The real bride and groom ate the bride and groom off of the cake!

                                          This cake was adorned with fresh flowers.

This was my second-ever wedding cake. The flavor was White Almond Sour Cream. This was appropriate as the groom is an Almond farmer in California.

Baby Shower cakes

                          This is just a small sampling of the baby shower cakes that I have made.

This cake has fondant daisies and the woman is made of fondant.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Cakes

 This is a sampling of the birthday cakes I have made. I will post more later. Most of these are buttercream frosting with either buttercream transfers, fondant, or royal icing accents.

 This was my first attempt with fondant. It is fondant accents with buttercream frosting. I was pleased with how it turned out.

                                                 This cake had a lot of fun fondant accents.
                                                     This is a 3D basketball cake.

 The Littlest Pet Shop figures are made of modeling chocolate and are completely edible.
                          This is my second completely fondant covered cake. I like it!