Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fair Cake update...

Well, my cake placed 2nd. I guess that is pretty good for the first time ever entering a cake in the fair. I will go to the fair on Friday to critique the other cakes and see what I might need to do next year in order to vi for first!

Today, I experimented with a lemonade cake. The recipe was from scratch. I have a difficult time with from scratch cakes being very dense. This cake was no exception. It had good flavor though. I think I will try substituting lemonade for water with a cake mix and see how that turns out. Then, I made the lemonade buttercream that was supposed to go with this cake. It was horrible. The recipe called for marshmallow fluff. It turned out very strange. It wasn't easy to spread and you definitely wouldn't be able to decorate with it. I will never do that again. I guess this whole thing is by trial and error. Today was about 60%-40%.

Well, until the next Cake Chaos experience, happy baking to you!