Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Kitty and Heirlooms

This is a Hello Kitty cake that had mustaches all along
the side and she had a mustache. The young lady likes Hello Kitty and mustaches are such a trend now that her sweet aunt thought that this
would be a fun way to incorporate both! I think it turned out cute.
#HelloKittyCake #mustachecake

This is an "Heirloom" Baby Shower Cake. I just met the young mother-to-be. She told me that they were celebrating her mom's 50th and the baby.
They decided to do an "Heirloom" baby shower. The items given to
the baby would be something that he would one day pass down to his
kids. This was a fun cake because it was for a new customer and I had
 the priviledge of meeting her parents; they were all so sweet I just thought,
"What a joy to meet such wonderful people!" I love that cake decorating has
afforded me that opportunity!
#heirloombabyshowercake #ediblepearlsoncake