Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthday cake and Graduation cake

This cake was actually made for 5 birthdays! However, the 
person whose birthday was on the day the cake was delivered 
is the one whose name I put on top. The rest of the names are around
the sides. My friend, Lynette, had dropped by earlier in the day 
and stayed to watch me decorate this cake. She had some good
ideas about the eyes, nose and mouth (which are the parts I 
have the hardest time with). So I scrapped my original plan
 and did what she suggested. I think it turned out much better than 
it would have. Thanks, Lynette! And, Happy Birthday, Allie, Evie, Kelley, 
Dillon, and Rachel!

This is a college graduation cake for my neighbor's daughter.
She is an amazing woman. A single mom, she has persevered 
through 6 years of college and is now off to be a Special Ed
teacher. She found a cake on Pinterest and asked if I could recreate
it. Honestly, and I rarely give myself props, I think I did a much 
better job than the original picture! This was  a very fun cake to make.

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