Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Fair Cake

So...A friend of mine, a cake-decorator extrordanaire, encouraged me to submit a cake into the "Sugar Art" contest at our local state fair. I was very hesitant. So much so that I did nothing to prepare from February to August. (The fair is late August.) Once again, she pestered and I said, "Fine." The theme for the contest is "Fashionista" and it is anything that that word brings to mind. I did some research and after a while decided that I didn't want to do the treny fashion cake, the Gucci shoes or the Coach bag. I decided that I would do a retro-50s cake. After even more contemplation, I decided on a ...not going to say just yet. I worked hard. I had fun and I submit the cake on Thursday, August 30th. At that time, I will post in-progress pictures and end-result pictures. I can't wait for you to see it. I don't know how I'll place because I know nothing about my competitors. I do know that the whole thing was a great experience. Fun, fun, fun!